Fully Supported Hosting for Wordpress and the [GWA] Autoresponder Plugin

  It's Wordpress Specialized Hosting with Personal Support!  

Not just Wordpress hosting and support, you get access to a full Domain account & CPanel with Email/Webmail and access to everything else you could possibly need to get started blogging and marketing online right away.

No prior web knowledge required! We'll get you fully setup and blogging in less then 24 hours.

$8.95  monthly
No Setup Fee - No Contract - Wordpress Optimized Hosting

Each and every [GWA] WebHost account  includes:

   + SECURITY: Your WP-Core updates installed for you
       within 48 hours of release to the public.  Installation and
       configuration of  Backup Manager for data security.

MARKETING: SEO setup including .htaccess and
       permalink configuration and installation of the popular
       "All in One SEO Pack" for Wordpress.

QUESTIONS: We'll answer your questions about how to
       get your blog operating the way you want and includes
       questions about plugins or theme issues.

MONITORING: We'll alert you immediately if your
       domain or blog becomes inaccessible or goes offline.

ABUSE: We'll add Project HoneyPot 'httpBL' service to
       block all known comment spammers from ever even
       seeing your blog and eliminate most comment spam.

OPTIMIZED: We've optimized these host accounts for
       running Wordpress and in particular the powerful
       [GWA] Autoresponder plugin.

SPECIALIZED: If you're running the GWA Autoresponder
       Plugin we'll monitor it too ensuring your mailings are
       always being sent successfully and on-time every time.

In fact these are HostGator Domain accounts with CPanel access and their legendary 24/7 Account Support & Domain Services just like all their direct clients PLUS all those specialized WordPress services provided directly from [GWA] GetWebActive.com

We have Turn-Key Hosted &
Monetized Blogs 4 SALE

[GWA] Autoresponder Plugin
Email Series and Complete
Blog Content Provided
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Wordpress Optimized Hosting
for List Building with the
[GWA] Autoresponder.

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  Compare Popular Online HOSTING Service Costs
Here you can find out what it will cost to host your website & list on the most popular Online Web Hosting companies.

Resource / Company
Price w/ No Contract
HostGator GoDaddy Bluehost
$14.94/3 mth
Max. Term - Min. Price 3 yr - $4.95/mth 3 yr - 7.95/mth 3 yr - $2.95/mth 3 yr - $4.98 3 yr - $6.95/mth
Transfer Bandwidth Unlimited* Unlimited* Unlimited* Unlimited* Unlimited*
Website Storage Unlimited* Unlimited* 10 GB 150 GB Unlimited*
Multiple Domains No Yes No Yes Yes
List Management Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Outgoing SMTP Relay No No Yes Yes Yes
Max. Email Limit (Hr/Day) 500/5000 500/5000 250/250 250/250 500/????
Mailing List

Terms & Conditions

No direct SMTP mailers are allowed. An example of this would be a Darkmailer or The Bat!.

Any mail should be sent through the local mail server/MTA for further delivery by the server and not done directly by scripts.

More info here.

"... if actual damages cannot be reasonably calculated then you agree to pay Go Daddy liquidated damages in the amount of $1.00 for each piece of spam or unsolicited bulk email transmitted from or otherwise connected with your Account."

You acknowledge you have read, understand and agree to be bound by Go Daddy’s Anti-Spam Policy referenced above and available here.

Spamming, whether or not it overloads the Services or disrupts service to Bluehost.com's Subscribers, is prohibited.

Irrespective of whether an email campaign constitutes Spamming as defined herein, Bluehost.com allows a MAXIMUM of 500 emails per hour to be sent from any individual hosting account.

More info here.

Compare [GWA] GetWebActive (HostGator) HOSTING Services
Here you can find out what it will cost to host your website & list with GetWebActive Full Support Hosting.

[GWA] GetWebActive Fully Supported Hosting for Online Marketing & List Management
Basic Personal
Medium Personal Support** Total Personal Support***
Max. Term - Min. Price $8.95/mth $19.95/mth $39.95/mth
Transfer Bandwidth 50 GB 100 GB 250 GB
Website Storage 5 GB 10 GB 25 GB
Multiple Domains Yes (5) Unlimited Unlimited
List Management Yes Yes Yes
Outgoing SMTP Relay Yes Yes Yes
Max. Email Limit (Hr/Day) Unlimited† Unlimited† Unlimited†

Unlimited Email Campaigns:

We do not impose artificial hourly or daily sending limits when you follow the guidelines below.

  1. Follow the US CAN-SPAM ACT to the letter and always operate your Newsletter Opt-in List within them.
  2. Maintain a current NO-SPAM-ZONE.BIZ ACCOUNT for your Domain or each Newsletter Opt-in List you manage.
  3. Include an automated unsubscribe link in every email sent to your Newsletter Opt-in List Members.

Basic Personal Support*
Build your email list with confidence on your specialized weblog and newsletter host.

  • Installation of all WordPress Core Updates within 24 hours of release
  • Installation of WordPress Backup Manager to ensure long-term data security
  • WordPress SEO Setup - Setup "All in One SEO Pack" + .htaccess / Perma-link Configuration
  • Optimized PHP interpreter specifically for Wordpress & [GWA] Autoresponder Plugin
  • WP Blog Abuse Protection includes WordPress Project HoneyPot 'httpb' service
  • Professional 24/7/365 Blog Monitoring and Email Alert services
  • Access to Priority Email Support Ticket System - 24 Hour Q&A Support Services provided by GetWebActive
  • Only $8.95 Monthly - 5GB Storage / 25GB Transfer Bandwidth - 5 Domains

Medium Personal Support**
Host your website and email list with confidence on your specialized weblog and newsletter host.

  • Off-site secured backup hosting for total security
  • 15 minutes monthly Hands-On Support‡ (accumulate up to a maximum of 90 support minutes)
    • Theme & Plugin installation/modifications as requested
    • Solve configuration and other issues and provide hands-on support
    • Personal Domain Hosting Support including Email/Database/DNS Configuration
    • Installation/Configuration for Fantastico (Non-Wordpress) PHP Scripts
  • Only $19.95 Monthly - 10GB Storage / 50GB Transfer Bandwidth - Unlimited Domains

Total Personal Support***
Build your own unique online presence with confidence on your specialized weblog and newsletter host.

  • FOR THOSE WHO'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO SAY " I'll ask my tech to do that... "
  • 45 minutes monthly Hands-On Support‡ (accumulate up to a maximum of 4.5 hours support)
    • Custom Theme & Plugin creation/installation/modifications as per your direction
    • Complete your blog configuration as requested and perform ongoing maintenance
    • Personal Domain Hosting Support including Email/Database/DNS Configuration
    • Installation/Configuration/Modification for Any Third-Party (Non-Wordpress) PHP Scripts
  • Only $39.95 Monthly - 25GB Storage / 150GB Transfer Bandwidth - Unlimited Domains

Complete List Building Niche Blogs 4 SALE
+ RockyMountainClimbing.tk

These TurnKey Live Blog Sites are Ready to GO!

  • Professional Theme Loaded with Topical Articles
  • wpTouch – Format your site for All Mobile Devices
  • SEO Ultimate – Optimizes your Blog for Google
  • GTranslate – Display your Blog in 58 Languages
  • Easy Adsense – Monetize your Blog the Easy Way
  • Google Analyticator – Track your Stats at Google
  • Hostgator Hosting – CPanel Domain Manager
  • [GWA] Autoresponder + 16 Weekly Email Series

All plug-ins are activated and fully configured.
Simple to add your own Google Adsense codes.
Fully setup Email Autoresponder with messages.
Customized Opt-in Subscription Form Widget.
Links to Article Sites to grow your content.
Complete 24/7/365 Monitoring and Email Support.

Everything ABOVE for a $69.96 Turnkey Niche Blog
Everything you need to get on your feet for an entire year.

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